• Albert Dock Rum Festival

Albert Dock Rum Festival to return this summer

A festival which celebrates all things rum is returning to Liverpool’s waterfront this summer.

Bars and restaurants will be showcasing their best connotations and Caribbean food during the Albert Dock Rum Festival in June.

Heading back to the city for the third time in 2017 from 16-18 June, highlights of the festival include rum tasting at The Smugglers Cove, special cocktails at PANAM and live music at Revolucion de Cuba.

Meanwhile the Phantasy Steel Band and the Batala Mersey samba drummers will be performing live sets at various locations across the iconic landmark over the weekend.

The Holiday Inn Express is hosting two types of rum tasting, with all money raised being donated to the Owen McVeigh Foundation.

Lucia Rojek, sales and events manager at The Smugglers Cove, says: “The dock is just the perfect location for a celebration like this. Once the gateway to the world, when imported rum barrels would be rolled through its warehouses, Albert Dock will pay homage to the drink that enriched Liverpool’s fortunes.”

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