November 13, 2020

Which is the Best Window Cleaning Forum? Find Out Here

The UK has hundreds of thousands of old and new buildings, some residential and others commercial. These buildings have windows that need to be cleaned. Whether you opt to do it yourself or hire a professional cleaning company, cleaning forums are the best platform to learn about cleaning tips, best cleaning companies, and so forth.

The UK has many cleaning forums, and it gets hard to decide on the best cleaning forum to work with. Some of the factors you need to consider are the charges and public liability insurance in case of any damages caused. Some of the best window cleaning forums in the UK are Clean It Up (the most prominent window cleaning forum), Chit Chat & Introductions, and Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning. It will cost you an average rate of £35 – £75 to clean your windows in the UK, depending on the window length, the time it takes to clean the windows, and the number of windows.

Clean It Up

Clean It Up is ranked as the most extensive online UK’s cleaning forum having over 34,000 registered members. It is free to register on this website, and it hosts all kinds of professional cleaners, including window cleaners, carpet, hard floor cleaners, and many more. The members engage in over 150,000 cleaning topics, and they have an average post of 1.7million replies to these posts. You can register to Clean It Up through their website, and if you have any queries, you can reach them through their email at

Facebook Groups for Water fed pol window cleaners

Unlike your usual cleaning windows with tap water, some window cleaning professionals in the UK use a different kind of Water to clean the windows. Using tap water leaves the windows with stains after drying up because it is rich in minerals and other components. Due to this reason, Water fed pole window cleaners purify this Water and get rid of the minerals.

These cleaners have created a Facebook group called Water Fed Window Cleaning UK, with about 419 members. This group is meant for window cleaners who use the Water fed method, and it also includes suppliers so that they inform the cleaners about the new products available. You can ask to join the group through their link where the admin will add you after getting your request.

Can window cleaners work during the UK lockdown?

The government recently announced a four-week lockdown in the country to suppress the rising numbers of Covid-19 cases. The new rules encouraged people who can work from home to do so. However, there are some exemptions for workers like the constructors and other essential services, including window cleaners. This is because their job does not allow them to work from home. These groups were allowed to travel to their place of work. Window cleaners can go to people’s homes to clean the windows. However, house owners are advised to consult the workers on their health first before getting into contact with them to ensure their families’ safety.