Bluecoat to host new exhibitions from learning disabled adults

The Bluecoat will host a series of exhibitions curated by adults with learning disabilities later this year.

‘Expanding the Picture’, ‘Auto Agents’ and ‘Collaboration’ have been arranged by members of the Blue Room, the arts venue’s service for adults with learning disabilities.

Set to take place on 7 October at 7pm, ‘Expanding the Picture’ is a performance piece by Liverpool Improvisation Collective’s Mary Prestidge, who worked with Blue Room members when creating the project for the INHABIT dance programme.

‘Collaboration: Out of the Blue, the story so far’ is a celebration of the first three years of the Blue Room programme, consisting of activities which aim to create engagement opportunities for the learning disabled and encourage children to explore contemporary art.

The exhibition will be unveiled at a celebratory launch between 1pm and 4pm on 22 October and will run until 19 November. Booking is required to attend the launch event.

Rounding off the programme, ‘Auto Agents’ is a collection of artwork curated by five people with learning disabilities, working in collaboration with artists from Liverpool’s The Royal Standard studio.

Curators Leah Jones, Hannah Bellass, Eddie Rauer, Tony Carroll and Diana Disley visited numerous art galleries and creative spaces to study curatorial styles and art disciplines for the exhibition, which runs between 26 November and 15 January.

Bec Fearon, head of engagement at Bluecoat says: “Bluecoat seeks to be as inclusive as possible for individuals and communities across Liverpool and beyond. The award winning participation programme, Blue Room, has supported 32 artists with a learning disability to develop their creativity and skills on a weekly basis since 2008.”

About Author: Mark Langshaw

Mark is a journalist at Your Move. He can be contacted via email at or by phone on 0151 709 3871.