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Christmas pyjamas charity teams up with housing association

A Liverpool-based charity which collects pyjamas for children in need at Christmas has partnered with a city housing association.

Regenda Homes will act as a drop off point for Pyjama Party Liverpool in the run up to the festive season.

Set up by mum and daughter duo Karen and Ash Downing, the charity collects and distributes new pyjamas to homeless children across Liverpool.

Karen says: “Getting new pyjamas on Christmas Eve was a massive tradition in our house growing up and something that we just took for granted.

“A few years ago we saw a poster which reported on the rising number of children waking up homeless on Christmas Day. It broke our hearts and we wanted to find a way to help.

“Our aim is just to spread a little Christmas kindness and comfort to children on Merseyside and make sure that everyone has a new pair of warm, comfy pyjamas to sleep in.”

Kevin Short, team leader at Regenda Homes, adds: “We are delighted to able to help Pyjama Party Liverpool and all of our staff our getting involved with donations.

“We have also opened up our big city centre office, Commutation Plaza, as a drop off point for the public.”

Pyjama Party Liverpool is looking for new pyjamas in all sizes from baby to young adult. Donations can be dropped off at Regenda Homes, Commutation Plaza, 1 Commutation Row, Liverpool.

About Author: Lawrence Saunders

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