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Liverpool LECCY launches to tackle fuel poverty

A non-profit energy company has been launched in Liverpool today (27 April) to tackle fuel poverty in the city.

Liverpool City Council claims LECCY (Liverpool Energy Community Company) will save householders hundreds of pounds per year on their energy bills.

The service provider will offer gas and electric at a cheaper rate than the mainstream suppliers and help customers on costly prepayment meters move over to more affordable direct debit tariffs.

LECCY households will also be fitted with SMART meters so users can monitor their energy use and receive help managing bills.

A joint venture between the council and Robin Hood Energy, LECCY is able to offer cheaper energy tariffs as the local authority has secured a one-year fixed rate deal which undercuts any of the so-called ‘Big Six’ utility suppliers.

Further fixed rate deals are in the pipeline and are expected to be announced in the coming months.

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson says: “One in three households in Liverpool pay over the odds for their gas and electricity because they have prepayment meters which are far more expensive than other tariffs.

“By setting up a not-for-profit company, we can offer really competitive rates. We’re not out to make a profit for shareholders like other energy suppliers, and will instead focus on delivering the best value for local people.

“We won’t be offering gimmicks or introductory loss-leaders. What we will be doing is offering good value tariffs and helping people to get the best deal for them. This is part of our commitment to supporting residents in difficult times, helping them save money to offset the impact of austerity.”

More than 1,000 people are said  to have expressed interest in signing up for LECCY ahead of launch.

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