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First look: World Museum’s vast new ancient Egypt gallery

World Museum is about to open its new and improved ancient Egypt gallery and Your Move was given a sneak peek inside ahead of tomorrow’s (28 April) launch.

The painstakingly refurbished space has trebled in size to accommodate the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts ever seen in the UK, outside of the British Museum.

More than 1,000 key exhibits are on display in the ‘Ancient Egypt: A Journey Through Time’ gallery, from mummies and ornate sarcophagi, to striking sculptures and amulets.

Visitors are greeted by an expansive, colourful floor map depicting the River Nile with key ancient Egyptian landmarks and settlements clearly marked.

The exhibition then takes us on a journey spanning 5,000 years of history, from an age predating the Pharaohs, right up to the era when Christianity and Islam reshaped Egyptian ideology.

Visitors are greeted by a huge floor map of the Nile

Visitors are greeted by a huge floor map of the Nile

Following the beaten path will lead you to World Museum’s Mummy Room, reopened for the first time in 150 years and now the centrepiece of the venue’s latest exhibition.

This atmospheric chamber plays host to 10 mummies, cutting mysterious and imposing figures against a low-lit backdrop.

Ashley Cooke, World Museum’s senior curator of antiquities, tells Your Move: “It’s a very exciting time for us. It’s about three years since we started this project and it’s great to see it reaching this point.

“The Egyptian collection has always been a highlight of World Museum and it’s great that the public are going to get to see the biggest Egyptian exhibition we’ve ever done.

“This is a huge deal for the city of Liverpool. It’s free, the biggest of its kind outside of London and one of it makes us one of the top museums in the world to come to if you want to learn about ancient Egypt.

“It has all of the key stories people are familiar with, from mummies to pyramids and temples, but we also talk about subjects people are not too aware of such as tomb robberies in ancient times.”

The exhibition aims to be in-depth yet accessible and family-friendly, also playing host to interactive elements, from artefacts the youngsters can go hands-on with to a mini-game for creating your own Egyptian gods.

World Museum’s Ancient Egypt: A Journey Through Time gallery opens to the public on 28 April.


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