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Jarvis Cocker to introduce ‘The Liverpool Mass’ at cathedral celebration

Jarvis Cocker will introduce electronic music pioneer Pierre Henry’s ‘The Liverpool Mass’ when it is performed at the metropolitan cathedral.

The Pulp frontman is said to be a life-long fan of the composer, who had originally set out to create the piece of music for the landmark building’s 1967 opening.

The music was not completed in time and another was submitted in its place but, as the cathedral celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, it will be presented in a special performance on 13 May.

Sound engineer Thierry Balasse, a long-time collaborator of Henry, will present ‘The Liverpool Mass’ as a live mix in the cathedral space it was created for using 40 speakers around its circumference.

Liverpool’s Bluecoat, which is also marking the milestone 300th anniversary of its city centre building in 2017, is presenting the event which forms part of this year’s citywide ‘67-17: 50 Summers of Love’ programme.

Announcing the addition of BBC Radio 6 presenter Jarvis Cocker, who has previously met composer Henry in Paris where they both live, Bluecoat’s artistic director Bryan Biggs says: “We are delighted that Jarvis Cocker has agreed to introduce Pierre Henry’s ‘The Liverpool Mass’ at the metropolitan cathedral. He is a huge fan of the French composer’s music and recognises the significant impact it has had on contemporary music – both classical and pop – over the past half century.

“It is fitting that Jarvis – an advocate for music that dares to experiment, is audacious and explores new forms – is joining us on what promises to be a memorable evening in the splendour of the cathedral.”

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