February 18, 2021

Milton Keynes Roof Cleaning Company Gives Advice on Choosing a Roof Cleaning Contractor


Algae and mosses are an eyesore whey they invade your roof. That aside, the damage they cause to your roof can be costly, at times even necessitating a total replacement. Algae and moss infestations can be stubborn because they multiply quickly and you only notice their damage when it’s too late. As such, it makes much sense to hire the services of a roof cleaner. Professional roof cleaning companies have the skills and equipment to rid your roof of any dirt or debris.

In this post, we’ve listed down a quick guide for home owners looking for a roof cleaning contractor. This is a delicate task that requires immense professionalism in order to yield the desired results.

Safety First for Roof Cleaning

Like aforementioned, roof cleaning is a delicate task. The dirt and debris are usually well concealed between the gaps of roofing strands.  The fact that you might be trying to balance on a ladder with a pressure sprayer to spray the shingles adds to the risk involved in doing this alone.

A good roof cleaning contractor ought to observe all safety measures. Be wary of any slipperiness, ensure that your ladder is stable to prevent any nasty falls.

Don’t Do Pressure Washing for Your Roof!

Pressure washing on the roof is not recommended. Too much pressure can slacken the fragments, causing the tiles to loosen and become weak. This will decrease the endurance of the roofing materials and decrease the durability up to triple their life span.

If not done properly, pressure washing will disseminate the moss and fungus all across the other parts of the roof. You want to avoid making such mistakes as they may lead to water leaks.

Correct Roof Cleaning Chemicals

Chemicals and cleaning agents used during roof cleaning should be handled with care. The chemicals should be applied at a minimum pressure to prevent damage. The use of premium biocide that prevents the regrowth of the moss is recommended. Find a good contractor who has the roof cleaning expertise and equipment to do the job right and satisfactorily.

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