Restaurant Review: Mowgli Street Food, Bold Street, Liverpool

Mowgli Street Food

Bold Street, L1

Review by Jennifer Chamberlain

I arrived at Mowgli drenched by the midday rain and was welcomed in by its calm interior. There is nothing explicitly Indian about the décor, save the beautiful Haveli-style door that greets you on the inside. It is light and airy with ropes that hang throughout, creating a natural earthy feel.

There was a gentle buzz in the atmosphere created by a varied clientele. From nattering old ladies to yummy mummies, builders taking a break and hungry hipsters, Mowgli seems to appeal to people from all walks of life.

The menu is plentiful but not overwhelming, grouped into sections to help you pick out what you fancy. But this was no easy feat, as every item jumped off the page making my stomach growl.

With help from the restaurant’s passionate and insightful owner, my lunch date and I decided to order a range of dishes and share them between us in a tapas style. Their reasonable price (the majority between £3 and £7) makes this a feasible option.

First to arrive was the Gunpowder Chicken and the Fenugreek Kissed Fries. The meat was succulent and perfectly flavoured with ginger, garlic and garamasala. The fries were not so much fries as bite sized potatoes, kissed indeed with spice staples such as turmeric and fenugreek. Both dishes, delivered in simple, metal containers à la street food, were audibly delicious.

Next we sampled the Yoghurt Chat Bombs which are an absolute must at Mowgli. Unlike anything I’ve ever tasted, these mini poppadum-esque pockets filled with spiced yoghurt, chickpeas, coriander and mint were a complete treat. Whilst full of flavour, the freshness of the yoghurt cleansed the palate ready for the next plate.

Last but by no means least came the star of the show: the Office Worker’s Tiffin. This intriguing item is a nod to lunch time in cities like Mumbai, where food is delivered from home to work in a multi-tiered tin. Mowgli aims to introduce this trend to Liverpool and that’s not the only novelty – you don’t choose what you eat!

For unfussy foodies, this is an exciting concept. I dissembled the box to discover what ‘mother’ had picked: an anise infused lamb curry, a refreshing lemongrass and ginger chicken curry and a tomato based chickpea dish that certainly packed a punch, all accompanied by some good old basmati rice. It was a scrumptious surprise!

Situated perfectly amid the independent eateries of Bold Street, Mowgli is a new Indian restaurant that takes us back to basics. It marks an exciting departure from the anglicised Chicken Tikka Masala into the realm of the authentic, adopting an approach that is as fresh and bold as its ingredients.

About Author: YM Liverpool