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New empty homes figures bring mixed news for Liverpool

Liverpool has the third highest number of long-term empty homes outside of London according to new figures.

Only Birmingham and Bradford lie ahead of the city on the list, despite vacant Liverpool properties dropping by more than 750 since April 2016.

According to Liverpool City Council’s Empty Homes team, as of 1 April 2016 there were 4,207 long-term voids (properties which have been empty for six months of longer) in the city, a figure which was recorded at 3,449 in October 2016.

The total value of Liverpool’s long-term empty homes has been estimated at over £750 million.

The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) data also shows that Manchester has seen the greatest fall in empty properties over the last decade, dropping 88% to 1,365.

Overall, England has 200,145 long-term empty homes which are in total are worth more than £43 billion.

In London alone, there were 19,845 homes sitting idle for over six months in 2016 – £9.4bn worth of property, based on the average house price in London of £474,704.

About Author: Lawrence Saunders

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