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Bold Street closure ‘won’t be the last’ of Pancho’s Burritos in Liverpool

The closure of Pancho’s Burritos in Liverpool won’t be the end for the Mexican eatery in the city according to the chain.

Pancho’s, which still has two Manchester branches, unexpectedly shut on Bold Street recently without explanation.

The restaurant confirmed to Your Move that the Bold Street branch has indeed closed, but revealed that another Pancho’s could be popping up elsewhere in Liverpool at some point in the future.

A spokesperson for Pancho’s Burritos says: “Yes we can confirm [that Pancho’s on Bold Street has closed], although this won’t be the last of Pancho’s in Liverpool.

“I wouldn’t be able to explain at the moment but there were numerous reasons as to why we had to close on Bold Street.”

The restaurant first opened on Bold Street in March 2017, with a menu featuring burritos, chilli, tacos, nachos, quesadillas and enchiladas.

In June 2017, Pancho’s applied for planning permission for a ‘grab and go’ offering at the rear of the eatery facing onto Wood Street.

Speaking at the launch night for Pancho’s on Bold Street, director Klaus Bohne explained his thinking behind opening a Liverpool branch, saying: “I have lived in the UK since 1978 and have always known what a great city Liverpool is.

“I also love Bold Street, particularly the individuality of it. Most of the restaurants here are owned by independent operators rather than chains, which makes it a very interesting place to be. I think we fit into the picture very well.”

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One thought on “Bold Street closure ‘won’t be the last’ of Pancho’s Burritos in Liverpool

  1. Stevo Wilf Williams
    March 1, 2018 at 9:25 pm

    I still don’t get this. “Numerous reasons” for closing but not the last of Panchos in Liverpool? Why spend thousands on opening a restaurant but close less than a year later with the intention of opening somewhere else? Someone clue me in?

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