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Review: Pattersons


Gradwell Street, L1

Review by Lydia Connolly

Pattersons is the type of place where you can imagine the cool kids from a late ‘80s cult film would hang out.

Heavily influenced by American pop culture, its vibe is skate-park turned restaurant. Comic strip inspired artwork lines the walls and provides an industrial backdrop to the otherwise plush velvet booths.

As a nod to the millennials setting up shop there, the walls beside every table are fitted with power sockets and USB ports which can be used to charge phones or laptops.

It was to the music of Drake which we ordered our cocktails – a Ready or Not (£6.50) and an Electric Relaxation (£7). The Ready or Not – a refreshing mix of gin, elderflower cordial, lime and soda – was a hit and the Electric Relaxation brought Caribbean vibes to Wolstenholme Square with its sweet concoction of rum and Lilt.

The restaurant became busy for a Monday night and as we ordered the Ultimate Sharer (£15.95) we got a real sense of what Pattersons had to offer.

The platter was made up of jalapeno poppers, garlic Texas toast, mozzarella sticks, garlic mushrooms, thick cut bacon, popcorn chicken, onion rings and chicken strippers.

As a huge fan of anything deep fried and filled with cheese, the jalapeno poppers were top of my list but it was the popcorn chicken that kept drawing me back. Seasoned with Pattersons’ own spices, the chicken was tender with crisp and delicious batter.


Pattersons review



It’s when we got to our mains that the phrase ‘eyes too big for our belly’ came into play. If I can say one thing about Pattersons it’s that it doesn’t do things by halves and the portion sizes are huge!

Intrigued by the restaurant’s dedication to chicken, my date ordered 500g of chicken with sweet potato mash and Pattersons’ ‘slaw (£11.95).

Our server Shaun explained that Pattersons uses chicken thighs for the buckets to prevent the meat from becoming dry when cooked. True to his word the chicken was succulent, juicy and bursting with flavour.

My choice was a classic beef burger with cheese and bacon (£7.45). This was everything a burger should be – the beef was perfectly cooked and the brioche bun was fresh and light. Proof that Pattersons is more than a chicken shop.

We couldn’t resist Shaun’s recommendation of topped fries, and the bacon frazzle topped curly fries (£4.50) were incredible. They came loaded with bacon, melted cheese and Frazzles
(yes, the crisps!).

Who needs a summer body when hidden treasures like Pattersons exist? With its huge selection of delicious comfort food and an exciting cocktail menu, it’s the perfect destination for a cheat day feast, or any feast for that matter.

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