December 20, 2021

Roof Cleaning, Moss Removal & Gutter Cleaning Tips From The Roof Moss Cleaners Ltd

If you are a homeowner or business owner who is fed up of blocked gutters, falling moss and a dirty roof then this article will help point you in the right direction of finding a roof moss removal and roof cleaning company that you can rely – no matter where in the UK you happen to be!

Choosing A Local Gutter Cleaning Service

You may be able to search for Gutter cleaning near me and find a local gutter cleaning contractor who can clear your gutters without a problem, but without caution you could find yourself choosing an unscrupulous gutter cleaner who will charge top end prices, while delivering a poor level of service, or worse, leaving you with block gutters!

Make sure your chosen gutter cleaner ticks all of the following boxes and you should be confident that you will receive an excellent service.

  • Fully insured – Ask for proof!
  • Great reviews online – Check Google, Facebook, Checkatrade, Trustpilot
  • Local to you – Search Google maps
  • Answers the phone – You will be surprised how many gutter cleaners are poor at communication with customers

Choosing A Roof Moss Removal / Roof Cleaning Service

The cost of a roof clean is much greater than the cost for gutter cleaning, therefore you need to be even wiser when selecting a contractor for roof cleaning. The positive is that roof cleaning companies generally serve a much larger area than local gutter cleaners – giving you more contractors to choose from!

It is important that your chosen roof cleaning company displays excellent knowledge and experience in cleaning of all types of roofs, the industry is littered with window cleaners turned roof cleaners who use Facebook groups for advice on how to clean a roof! Yes, seriously!

The Roof Moss Cleaners Ltd, based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire serve most of the South of England with their expert roof cleaning and moss removal services and have been cleaning roofs for a decade or more now – making them a trusted source of roof cleaning information.

Most residential homes in the UK have concrete roof tiles, while others have slate tiles or clay tiles.

Concrete Roof Tiles should not be pressure washed (or jet washed) as the pressure on the tile will potentially strip the coloring from the tile and will strip some of the particles from the tile – reducing the lifespan of your roof, not to mention the risk of water ingress. Concrete roof tiles should be manually scraped of moss before the application of a Biocide roof wash.

Natural Slate and Clay Roof Tiles may be suitable for steam cleaning – depending on the age and condition of the roof, with a manual roof scrape as the perfect backup plan.

Roof Treatments

Many roof cleaning companies will offer a biocide treatment, otherwise sold as moss repellent treatment. There are many brands of biocides for roof cleaning, some of which are licensed by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive), the many brands all use one of 2 active ingredients which are BAC50 or DDAC. At the right concentration both of those active ingredients work very well to clean a roof and prevent future moss growth.

Now you are armed with some knowledge which should help you be able to choose a great gutter or roof cleaning company no matter where in the UK you happen to be.