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Sting in Liverpool to launch his musical ‘The Last Ship’

Sting has been in Liverpool promoting the first UK and Ireland tour of his musical ‘The Last Ship’.

Speaking to YM Liverpool, the superstar musician revealed his special debt to The Beatles and spoke about the chances of Steven Spielberg joining him on opening night at the Liverpool Playhouse.

Sting also performed a selection of songs from the play, which focuses on the decline of the shipbuilding industry in his hometown of Wallsend.

The production, which has a Tony Award-nominated original score and lyrics composed by Sting, is coming to the Liverpool Playhouse from 9-14 April 2018.

Speaking at the launch yesterday (6 December) on why he decided to revisit his roots with ‘The Last Ship’, Sting said: “I think it’s a function of age. You get to a certain point, like a salmon, where you head to back to the river where you were spawned.

“There’s a compulsion there to almost understand yourself by seeing where you come from. Also a kind of survivors guilt and a gratitude. Even though I escaped [Wallsend], I still feel grateful for it and the people.

“That’s my abiding emotion for the place after all these years – gratitude for everybody because I have been extremely fortunate.”

The UK and Ireland tour will get underway in Newcastle next year before visiting 11 other towns and cities including Liverpool, Salford, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Dublin.

Speaking about whether it was a conscious decision to visit places with a strong history of traditional manufacturing industries, Sting added: “It was always important to come back to England, especially to come back to the North and the industrial cities of the North.

“I’m confident that ‘The Last Ship’ will resonate with audiences more here than anywhere else.

“Liverpool has its own shipbuilding heritage and we want to pay homage to that.”

Sting revealed that the cast may feature a Liverpool actor, but wouldn’t disclose who it was be at this time, and also that his friend, Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, could even visit Liverpool for the opening of the play.

Sting saved his last words for Liverpool’s most famous sons however, adding: “I always say I have a debt to The Beatles because the two towns (Liverpool and Wallsend) are similar, they had similar educations and they conquered the world with their own songs.

“It gave a whole generation of people like me permission to try, so whenever I see [Paul] McCartney, I say ‘thank you sir, you gave me my life’.”

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