The Help to Buy Show Liverpool 2015

As the first ever Help to Buy Show comes to Liverpool we catch up with Sandy Kelly of organiser Help to Buy North West and find out what attendees can expect from the 5 September event.

Who is the show aimed at?
Sandy Kelly: The show is aimed at anyone who is looking to buy an affordable home. The great thing about Help to Buy is that it is available for everyone, from people looking to buy their first home, to those who just need a little extra help to move on and up the ladder.

How useful will it be for attendees?
SK: It will be really useful. It’s an opportunity for prospective buyers to find out everything they need to know about buying a new home from the people that have all the knowledge, from housing developers about their new developments in the North West, to financial advisors and solicitors who can answer any questions about the financial and legal aspects of starting the home buying journey.

What kind of thing can attendees expect?
There will be representatives from housing developers who have developments all over Merseyside and the North West so it’s a great opportunity for buyers to find out about the developments, and also the areas the homes are in. I suggest to attendees to make a big list of questions that they will want to ask the experts, because they might not get the opportunity again.
In addition attendees will be able to speak to representatives from Help to Buy North West specifically about the Help to Buy schemes and how the schemes can help them buy a new home. People can feel self-conscious about asking questions, but no question is too
insignificant or too big for the team to answer and we hope everyone will find what they’re looking for on the day.

How did the Manchester show go?
SK: The Manchester show went really well. Nearly 1000 people attended which was just
amazing. The feedback from visitors was brilliant, with many saying they’d found the
house they wanted to purchase.  Having a range of financial advisors was key to the success I think, as many people were looking to get free and impartial advice about
how to get onto the property ladder, and it was great to see so many people finding what they were looking for.

Do enough people know about Help to Buy? What more can be done to educate people about the benefits of the scheme?
SK: I am always surprised when people tell me they haven’t heard about Help to Buy, but if they have only recently started looking for their first home I can understand why they might not realise all the help that is available to them.

This is why the shows are so important, and in particular the venue it is in. The Manchester show was at Manchester Central, and as it was in such a central location, it drew a lot of people in that before hadn’t heard of Help to Buy and were coming to the show to find out how it applies to them and how it can help. We chose the BT Convention Centre in Liverpool for the same reason; it’s such a key venue in Liverpool for exhibition shows that people trust it and will trust the expertise of the shows that take place there.

What common misconceptions are there about help to buy?
SK: The most common misconception about Help to Buy is that it is only for first-time
buyers. One thing we try to encourage with the shows is that it’s also for ‘second steppers’ too. The property market is very fluid and it’s important that people don’t find themselves ‘stuck’ in the first home they have purchased, otherwise there isn’t enough homes for the first-time buyers to move in.

If you have a stable income, can afford mortgage repayment but maybe can’t save enough up for a hefty deposit then Help to Buy is here for you, whether you’re moving to your first or third home, and our role is to make sure everyone knows this, so we can help everyone achieve their dream of owning their home.  In addition, many people think Help to Buy is only for new build homes. There are many parts of the Help to Buy scheme, and the Mortgage Guarantee scheme is for existing properties too.

If you are interested in purchasing an existing property, just speak to the potential mortgage provider about the Mortgage Guarantee scheme or to someone at
Help to Buy North West for more information.

About Author: YM Liverpool