• Top 10 property features, 2017

Your Move’s top 10 property features of 2017

 Your Move’s top 10 property features of 2017

Explore the most-read property features from our website over the past year.


#10 – Aspirational housing

Published 5 May 2017 by Lawrence Saunders

Liverpool’s economic potential: The importance of aspirational housing

#9 – Generation rent

Published 24 March 2017 by Christine Toner

Generation Rent: Liverpool’s changing buy-to-let landscape

#8 – Repurposing heritage sites

Published 28 July 2017 by Lawrence Saunders

Should heritage sites be repurposed to meet Liverpool’s housing needs?

#7 – Buy-to-let in South Liverpool

Published 24 March 2017 by Lawrence Saunders

Buy-to-let in South Liverpool: Students shift to city centre

#6 – Tom Bloxham interview

Published 20 October 2017 by Natasha Young

Interview: Urban Splash co-founder Tom Bloxham talks to Your Move

#5 – Festival Gardens vision

Published 21 April 2017 by Mark Langshaw

Festival Gardens: Fresh plans & images of council’s ambitious vision

#4- Fabric District vision

Published 6 October 2017 by Lawrence Saunders

Rags to renaissance: Liverpool’s Fabric District vision

#3 – Off-site housebuilding

Published 13 January 2017 by Mark Langshaw

Off-site housebuilding: Is modular construction the way forward?

#2 – Where to buy guide

Published 24 February 2017 by Christine Toner

Buying a home: 2017 guide to where to live in Liverpool

Your Move’s most viewed long read of 2017
#1 – Property market outlook

Published 27 January 2017 by Matthew Smith

Liverpool property market outlook 2017: Experts’ view


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