January 16, 2020

Building a Winning Team for your Business

Finally, you now have a viable business, after the endless toils from its conception, drawing up the plan, getting financing, space and all the prerequisites of starting up a new business venture. Starting and growing a business requires so much more, one very significant aspect is a successful team to help run it. You may have realized that you cannot scale from your idea to guaranteed success without the help of a team; there’s simply too much work for one person.

From covering all the required bases in finance, business development, manufacturing and operations. A successful team starts with hiring the right people who value great work ethic, are high-performing and result-driven. Having a successful team will allow your endeavor to scale-up, grow and thrive as opposed to running it all by yourself. Having a dynamic team working cohesively to execute your business vision has its perks, for instance:

  • Adds Diverse Perspectives and Experiences – since diversity encourages creativity and innovation, a team made up of individuals with a large spectrum of experiences and opinions has the potential to perform at its best.
  • Sense of Responsibility and Accountability – with a shared set of values and goals, each team member will be required to adhere to those standards hence efficient running of your business.
  • Shared Culture – A successful team will thrive when you get them excited to be part of your endeavor. This is achieved by planting the seeds of your desired business culture in their minds so it grows and flourishes. Getting a winning team doesn’t just stop at hiring the right people. You need to coalesce them into a high-performing and effective unit.

Here are some pointers that will help you do that:

Clearly Define your Desired Business Culture and Vision

You should establish your expectations from the start. Your new team will be like blank slates. Use this as an advantage to lay down your ground rules and let your expectations for the business to be known from day one.

You should not only focus on generating sales or even achieving your ultimate vision; ingrain in your team the type of team environment you want to establish. This can be a culture of shared problem-solving, decision-making or responsibility.

Make it known from the very beginning. Your team will likely be more productive when it has guidelines to follow hence contributing to your business’ success.

Clearly Define Roles and Responsibilities

Your team will work best and achieve great results when each member is responsible for accomplishing a specific task. When your team members have clearly defined roles, they will expend their energy in accomplishing individual tasks and following specific workflows.

You should also ensure that each of your team member’s responsibilities are interconnected and dependent upon one another. This will enhance efficiency and progress in your business’ daily operations.

Effective Communication

Another significant factor in team success is effective communication. Teams need clear lines of communication in order to work together seamlessly. You should, as a team, establish your preferred channels of communication for the smooth operations of the business.

Effective communication can also encompass giving and receiving feedback within your team hierarchy to enhance business growth. You should emphasize on techniques that will help in building teamwork and camaraderie in your organization.

These techniques should help you to zero in on interpersonal behaviors that will build the team. The main goal here is to foster solid working relationships among team members.

Embrace Diversity

As an effective leader, you should be able to embrace the different skill sets, experience levels and professional backgrounds that your team will have. You should encourage different opinions and different approaches to solving issues.

This will enable your team to effectively identify and solve problems concerning the business by employing their different ways of thinking. Keep in mind that complementary skill sets can mean contrasting personalities. This is not an entirely bad thing, what should matter is how good your team will be at their jobs.

Organise Team Building Exercises

It is vital to engender connections within the team. While it’s critical to value and honor each member of your team individually, you should endeavor to enhance relations among your team members. You can do this by organizing team building exercises.

A day full of physically and mentally stimulating activities will definitely foster great relations and motivation within your team. However, you should budget for it, oh and don’t forget to factor in food, snacks and drinks! As the saying goes, a hungry man is an angry man!

Acknowledge and Reward

By doing this, you’re letting your team know that you don’t take for granted their performance. It shows them that you value their hard work and input into the business. People do love recognition and most of all, respect. Give your team members the proper accolades when they earn them. This will portray you as a thoughtful leader who pays attention to your employees’ efforts.

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to give financial bonuses, it will be a great way to motivate your team. If not, think of other ways to show gratitude, such as delegating decision-making to a team member who has good judgment. This will go a long way in building loyalty and trust in your team hence a win for your business.

Encourage Accountability

Building and maintaining a successful team requires that each member maintain accountability. When each member is held accountable, they will strive to do their best. In order to establish this norm, you should set an example by effectively and efficiently accomplishing your goals. Encourage your team to input their ideas for the progress of your business. By ensuring group accountability, you’re creating a sense of belonging and purpose and hence the growth of your business.

Building a successful team can be tough and challenging but as an effective leader, employing these tips will go a great way in establishing a good working framework for your business.