August 3, 2020

Fencing Business Marketing Tips

metal fence marketing

Every entrepreneur understands the role that marketing plays to keep their business profitable. The fencing business is no exception. The first step in the marketing process is to understand what would make a client seek fencing services. People fence properties for various reasons including;

  • Privacy: from prying eyes
  • Security: stop intruders
  • Restriction: restrain children, pets and farm animals
  • Attractive frontage: make the property appealing

Each of these needs relates to a specific type of clientele and guides a fencing business on targeting. Your target determines your marketing strategy and, from the needs list, will include owners of residential property, commercial property and institutions. Depending on one segment may be detrimental as fences are not fast-moving products. The best approach is incorporating a method that reaches all segments.

The digital age has transformed marketing, rendering traditional marketing ineffective when applied without incorporating digital platforms. These platforms are highly effective as their reach potential is enormous and progress can be easily tracked. Some great online tools to help your fencing business gain leverage and achieve growth include:

Social Media

Social media is great for marketing, as it creates a personal appeal and evokes reactions. Popular social media tools include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. To market your business on social media, you need to craft high-quality content for your target market. The content needs to be engaging and may include videos, pictures and text.
Audiences play a vital role and will determine the success of your social media campaign. Large, active audiences help your marketing campaign achieve faster results. Apart from tailor-made ad solutions, you can access your social media ad performance analytics against set goals. A consistent and well-informed social media marketing strategy will create brand awareness, boost website traffic, open up communication channels with potential clients and lead to more sales.

Google AdWords

Google is the world’s most used search engine and is a great marketing tool. Your advertisements appear when a Google user is looking for services or products similar to yours. With Google Adwords, you pay for tangible outcomes like website clicks and business calls. You can also set a minimal budget for your ads and adjust it anytime. Google Analytics, a free tool, helps you track your Google Ads conversions and return on investment (ROI).

Local SEO

SEO refers to search engine optimization, which involves growing your website traffic through organic search engine results. Organic traffic is free and is an important lead generating tool for any marketing campaign. Local SEO will help your fencing business appear on local Google search results based on your business proximity to the searcher. As people tend to buy products from nearby stores, local SEO will increase your visibility and conversions. To rank in your locality, include a specific address and keywords about your products or services in the title.
A combination of these three marketing tools will enable your fencing business to become a leading provider of fencing products and services for a long time. Extreme CPM – Fencing & Landscaping, a fencing firm in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, understands this too well and has an elaborate online strategy that includes all the above.