July 10, 2020

Founder of the High Wycombe Driveway Cleaning Company, Splash and sparkle Discusses COVID Recovery Plan

business closed due to covid 19

Sanitisation is currently the top priority for many businesses and homeowners as a precaution against COVID infection. The discovery of the virus earlier this year has seen many firms lose business and plunged the world of many entrepreneurs into unprecedented financial woes. However, a few industries have seen a boom, including the health sector, for obvious reasons and some segments of the cleaning industry.

At Splash and sparkle, we have experienced mixed fortunes. Some clients are hesitant to have our cleaners go over to their compounds, raising safety concerns, which is understandable given the rising COVID transmission trends recently.

COVID Safety Measures at Splash and sparkle

Since the onset of the pandemic, safety has been core in our operations and all employees must wear masks and wear them correctly while working for our clients. We take temperature measurements for all employees every morning and send anyone showing any symptoms on sick leave. They can only return after full recovery and a negative COVID test.

All equipment is disinfected after use and stored in already sanitized areas of our premises. Our clients can rest assured that we leave no room for infection in our operations. On a positive note, we have registered new clients seeking to have their premises, especially business areas, regularly cleaned for their clients and employees’ safety. Our repeat clients have kept us going.

Given the current crisis, my team at Splash and sparkle has created a sure proof plan to guarantee we continue offering our quality cleaning expertise to our esteemed clients post-COVID. We intend to achieve our COVID recovery in the following ways:

  • Investing in New, Top of the Range Driveway Cleaning Equipment and a Top of the Range Soft Washing System

We expect booming business as the COVID pandemic eases out and life resumes to normal. Premises that have remained closed for the better part of the year will be looking for cleaning services, from windows, pavements, driveways, patios, and walls with accumulated layers of dust and leaves. At Splash and sparkle, we understand perfect cleaning goes hand in hand with quality machines and have added the best rated machines to our collection. These machines will help us achieve faster turn-around time and perfection to be able to take up more jobs.

  • Doubling Down on Marketing Ensuring We Are the Company to Be Found Online

Most of our clients learn about us from the internet, from our website or our Facebook page. We have made improvements on our website for easy navigation and added a detailed list of our services while incorporating online influencers’ services to ensure we reach more people.

  • Continuing With Our Dedication to Complete Client Satisfaction, No Matter What We Are Cleaning

Splash and sparkle’s work ethic leans to customer satisfaction. We have always strived for perfection and 100% satisfaction, rarely getting complaints. However, our customers have a 24-hour window to lodge complaints or air any of their concerns. Our team pledges timely response and will re-clean any areas of contention to your perfection.

We are optimistic that Splash and sparkle will continue being a household name with the successful implementation of these plans.

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