March 25, 2021

The Best Oriental Rug Cleaning Contractors NI – Carpet Cleaning Belfast

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If you own an oriental rug, you know that it can be damaged or soiled in many ways. Protecting it through proper cleaning is what can save you from losing that rug. If you talk to professional carpet cleaners, you notice that rugs are as important as any other large carpet in your house or shop.

It does not matter whether you use it domestically or commercially. As long a professional cleans it regularly, you can be sure that it will be in the best condition for longer. Some factors to keep in mind include the following.

  • Protecting rugs from color damage
  • Protecting from staining
  • Protecting from shrinking
  • Using pet and children-friendly methods to clean rugs

Sometimes, people avoid trusting their rugs to cleaning contractors because they are scared of damaging them in various ways. However, cleaning them by yourself does not guarantee that the carpets will be good either. In fact, a professional cleaner is likely to do a better job because they understand different types of rugs and know how to choose the best carpet cleaning methods and products.

Using the Right Chemicals

To avoid causing any damage, the professional carpet cleaners will spray the carpet with a variety of chemicals. These chemicals are meant to loosen dirt, protect colors, and stop the rug from shrinking. They also ensure that the carpet does not retain any odors brought about by dirt. For safety purposes they select the chemicals based on the situation in your home. They will want to know if there are children and pets too.

Mechanical and Manual Agitation

Mechanical agitation is the process that professional cleaners use to brush the chemicals into the carpet. They use special machines to do this depending on the type of rug and level of soiling. Through agitation, the deep-lying dirt is brought to the surface, making it easy to wash it off. For carpets that are on stairs and landing, manual agitation is preferred because it will be difficult to use machines. That is how they ensure that you get the best carpet cleaning for your home or business.

Hot Water Extraction

After bringing the dirt to the surface, the carpet cleaning contractor will need to take it off so that the rug remains sparkling clean. That is the reason most contractors prefer using hot water extraction. In this process, they use special machines such as truck mount carpet cleaners to spray the rug with water until all the dirt and chemicals and removed. This is not a process that you can carry out at home by yourself. Therefore, carpets that are cleaned by professionals and always cleaner that those done by the owner.

This is an overview of what happens when you contract a professional to clean your rugs. Keep in mind that this process can only be successful when the contractor is knowledgeable in carpet cleaning. They should also be experienced and trusted by the people in the area they serve. Contact a carpet cleaning contractor to day and have your rugs thoroughly cleaned.

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