November 16, 2020

Walton On Thames Fencing Contractor Discusses 3 Most Popular Fence Choices

A good fence should offer privacy, mark your property boundaries, and give an aesthetic appeal to the property. Basically, it should also offer security of anyone and anything within the property.

With the wide range of fencing panels in the market today, it’s not easy picking an option that will suit you perfectly.  This is why you’d be best advised to consult a company experienced in fence supply and installation; only such can assist you in choosing the perfect fence for your home or business. There are world-class companies and contractors in Walton On Thames who offer residents the best fencing solutions and professional advice.

When it comes to choosing an ideal fence for your property, there are some factors you must always consider;

  • Ensure that you get a durable fence as this will reduce your maintenance costs in the long run. Most of our fence panels, when reinforced with concrete posts, will surely serve you for long.
  • A good fence should make you and your families feel secure. When you purchase our fence panels, consider getting spikes on the top of your gates to discourage any climbers.
  • For major homeowners especially in urban areas, privacy is essential. Get a fence that is long enough to protect you from any prying eyes.
  • As a Pet owner, you need a fence that will ensure your pets are safe and secure, that they won’t stray out of your compound.
  • Aesthetically appealing fences will improve your home’s appeal. Our dome-shaped fence panels will help you achieve this, they are some of the most beautiful fences out there.
  • Live fences are more difficult to maintain as they need frequent shearing.
  • Some fence panels are also costly to repair when they break; this is a critical factor to consider when choosing a fence.

3 Most Popular Fence Choices in Walton on Thames;

  1. Close Board Fencing Panels;

This is one of the strongest, most commonly used panels in the UK. These panels are popular due to their durable, sturdy and excellent aesthetic appeal. Concrete posts and gravel boards are used to give the fence a strong, durable and timeless appearance. It’s no wonder then that most new house developments in the UK have adopted these panels due to their sturdy and stylish nature.

These panels are available at a standard width of 6ft and height varying from 2ft up to 6ft.

  1. Featheredge panels;

Featheredge fence panels are strong and durable. Reinforcing these panels with concrete gravel boards and concrete posts gives your garden a superior look. They are particularly perfect for marking boundaries.

However, they are the most troublesome when it comes to installation; you cannot install them without an extra hand. This is because they have wide spaces between the posts, usually between 9-10 feet. In between the posts, the fence’s weight is supported by morticed rails of 2×1 inches.


The panels’ are readily available and come in a standard width of 6ft. Their length varies from 2ft up to 6ft. You can also get a custom made Waney edge panel, again depending on your personal preferences and requirements.

The Featheredge panel features include:

  • Rails used on the panels back are between 45mm 32mm.
  • Have overlapping, horizontal Featheredge Boards with a width of 18.5.”
  • Panel tops are finished with Bevelle capping rails.
  • These panels can be treated using a water-based method, to a colour of your preference.


  1. Dome Featheredge Panels;

These Panels are dome-shaped. Dome featheredge panels are fancy and will give your garden a pleasant appearance. They have excellent strength and can withstand callous weather conditions. They, however, can be a bit pricy and difficult to repair when they break. You can get these panels at a standard width of 6ft and lengths of 2ft to 6ft. Custom made sizes are also available on order.

Dome Featheredge Panels features include:

  • Rails used on the panels back, which are 45mm*32mm.
  • Have overlapping Featheredge Boards with a width of 18.5.”
  • Panel tops finished with Bevelle capping rails.
  • For dark oak stain color, the treatments for the panels are water-based.
  • You’re also given the option to have your panel treated in light green.

In summary;

It’s always very advisable to consult a professional contractor or company for all your fencing needs here in Walton On Thames. You get to learn some crucial tips and basics, like for instance, did you know that any fence that is 5-6ft high should always have the posts separated on a minimum distance of 4 inches? Well, now you know! The appearance of your fence speaks a lot about you and the property behind. Get in touch with a professional fencing contractor to get it right from the word go.